Collection: Non-caffeinated Options

Hanuman Chai is a drink for everyone.

Our packaged Chai blends online contain no sugar, no milk, and no sweeteners. We're here for the purists as much as we are here for the sweet tooths. Whether it's spices only, or with whichever kind of milk or sweetness you prefer, you can always make Hanuman Chai your own.

Hanuman Chai's Ayurvedic Karha is the Original. The spices and nothing but. No sugar, no fillers, no nonsense. Fun fact: since there's no caffeine in this blend, Karha is a wonderful drink for kids! You can also always add a caffeine source of your choice. It's a fan-favorite in baking recipes.

Hanuman Chai's Ayurvedic Chai Kit contains our Hanuman Chai Spices and a separate packet of the highest quality Assam Black Tea - for the days that you want caffeine and the days (and nights) you don't. A wonderful gift for families and folks who want the option of caffeine without the commitment.


*Organic *vegan *gluten-free *unsweetened *milk-free