Who is Hanuman?

Hanuman is the mythological Indian figure of Strength, Courage, Perseverance, and Devotion.

Hanuman's story inspires us to share our traditions of ancient spices and balance. After reading the legend of the Magical Spice, perhaps you will also agree that Hanuman's story is also the story of humanity: the power to achieve comes from within.

Blessed and Cursed
As the legend goes, when Hanuman was born, he was blessed with incredible strength. In his youth he learned to jump very high, and in jest, he once jumped up and swallowed the sun. The Sun god was not pleased to say the least, so he cursed the young Hanuman. Hanuman would never reach his full potential unless he used his strength to help someone in need.

magical spice
Many years later, Hanuman’s devotion to justice took him to war against an evil tyrant. In one deadly battle, a number of Hanuman’s close friends became critically injured. Once he learned that the only way to revive them would be through a sacred spice found on the Himalayan slopes, he immediately flew off to find it.

Upon arriving, however, he realized he did not know the name of the mysterious plant, much less how it looked, smelled, tasted ... but, persistent and always indomitable, Hanuman would not let this stop him. There was no time to delay. He made up his mind that if he could not bring the spice to his friends, he would carry the entire mountain to the battlefield in his hand. His determination was so great that as he grasped the base of the mountain, his body began to grow. His body grew and grew; he became gigantic compared to the mountain, and he was able to reach incredible strength. With a single leap, he moved the entire mountain across the length of India - all to save his friends.

The Story of Each Of Us
Unlike other big and strong heroes, Hanuman's physical strength came from his heart. He was completely devoted to protecting his friends from harm, and this gave him the strength to do legendary things.

Hanuman’s story is the story of each of us. Our strength is hidden, but when it is most needed, with pure courage and devotion, we gain the power to become unstoppable forces. Anything is Possible.
There is no use for physical strength without mental strength. No health without inner balance. And no living without a commitment to support and protect those we care about. These days, we like to use Hanuman as a noun, adjective and a verb. People who serve others purely are Hanumanly... They are pure and strong like Hanuman. How do you Hanuman?

Being Hanuman Strong: Wish not for strength, but for challenges. We know that challenges will make us strong enough to overcome them. So we learn to hope. So we learn to endure and persevere and find the light. Isn't it the challenge that allows us to become stronger? Isn't it that fire that brings out our ability to persevere and overcome? The strongest wood comes from the trees that grew on the windiest planes.
Who Is Hanuman?