Ready to Drink

Brewed in small batches for the best quality
Organic and Gluten Free
Grab and Go: microwave and fridge-safe glass bottles
Options: Vegan, Dairy, Caffeine Free, Unsweetened

Available in major grocery stores including Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers, Lucky’s Market, and many other specialty independent stores/shops. Don't see it at your favorite store? Ask them to give us a call!

  • Ayurvedic Chai BOLD with Almond Milk

  • Ayurvedic Chai with Almond Milk

  • Ayurvedic Chai with Coconut Milk

  • Ayurvedic Chai with Whole Milk

  • Ayurvedic Lemonade (caffeine free)

  • Ayurvedic Karha Lemon (caffeine free)

Ayurvedic Concentrates

Hanuman Ayurvedic Concentrates for cafes and food service. These are brewed in small batches and sweetened (unsweetened available by custom order) ensuring maximum freshness and the same superior quality ingredients.

  • Ayurvedic Chai Concentrate: Bold (robust)

  • Ayurvedic Chai Concentrate: Energizing

  • Ayurvedic Chai Concentrate: Invigorating

  • Ayurvedic Chai Concentrate: Cooling

  • Ayurvedic Karha Lemonade Concentrate

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