A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, one smile, and one slip. After moving from Delhi to the US and starting a family, my life became a marathon of never-ending to-do lists – until a ski accident and herniated disk brought everything into focus: back to the core, back to Ayurveda. Life is not a race you want to finish first, so stop rushing! I restarted Yoga and slowly strengthened my body while teaching Ayurveda to my kids. Watching me recover, they said: “Mom, this is incredible!” Together we started Hanuman to spread awareness, consciousness, and the importance of listening to your body. 

Life is not a race you want to finish first, so stop rushing!

We have been producing Hanuman drinks locally in Boulder, Colorado for about 5 years - and have received tremendous support from the community to share this chai and to share the art of science of Ayurveda. Many people are hearing about Ayurveda for the first time and are quite surprised by the power of a balanced, conscious lifestyle. 

Let your body sing

Through our products, especially our Pure Karha, we aim to promote this lifestyle. Ayurveda aims to make us conscious of our mind and body. When you take a sip of Karha, try to taste all the spices. Can you taste the Organic Ginger, the Organic Cardamom, the Organic Saffron, the Organic Turmeric, and the Organic Tulsi? Can you feel how they affect you? Let them touch your consciousness, and let your body sing to you.


The revolution of society begins with the liberation of an individual. Endeavor to live free.

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