Warming - Karha Spices (No Caffeine), 25 servings

Warming - Karha Spices (No Caffeine), 25 servings

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Organic Karha: Loose. Herbal. Caffeine Free.

Thousands of years ago, Yogis (learned practitioners of yoga in its spiritual, mental and physical forms) endured the elements using blends of balanced herbs and spices called Karha. Ayurvedic Karha builds internal strength and energy. It is pure and natural. 100% CAFFEINE FREE. Drink it slowly. It is meditative, calming & healing. It is great for adults and kids. Enjoy every moment and challenge the boundaries.

About the blend:

The balanced spices of the Warming blend are great for Winter, chasing away the chill and giving you warmth! This blend warms you from within and focuses the mind. In Ayurveda, this blend is suggested to balance the Vatta dosha. The Warming Blend features Turmeric and other premium spices.