Giving Back

We believe that we are all a part of the same whole. When one suffers, another cannot truly be well. We rise and fall together, and our souls - whether in the form of a human, animal, plant, or nature - are all connected.

Giving back is a part of who we are, and since we started Hanuman Chai in 2011, we have donated 10% of our proceeds to outreach targeting hunger and social support, the building blocks we all need. Our giving is not limited to country, creed, or race; we support people on the mission to look after each other and our world. Have a charitable organization you'd like us to consider? Send us a message on the contact page! Our outreach has taken forms ranging from monetary, to material, personnel, and more.

In addition to supporting great organizations, we are committed to local and in-person outreach. Every year, the Hanuman Chai team prepares and provides food, warm weather clothing, and more to those in need. In light of the Marshall Fire, we were grateful to be able to extend our budget and provide urgently-needed living space and support.  

Here's a list of just a few of the wonderful organizations we've supported over the years:

TGTHR, formerly Attention Homes   Boulder Shelter for the Homeless Feeding America
World Central Kitchen Dads on Duty (Louisiana) Boulder Valley School District
Marshall Fire Relief LaSalle Street Church Greater Chicago Food Depository