Hanuman Karha-Spiced Ayurvedic Superfood Sauté

Hanuman Karha-Spiced Ayurvedic Superfood Sauté

Did you know you can cook with Karha? Not only is it a soothing beverage, but it can add depth and healing to any dish when cooked carefully.
We do the hard work for you with Hanuman Chai Karha. The blend is already tried and tested- all you have to do is add it to your food, make sure it is activated by heat (spices release their healing powers, flavor, oils, and micronutrients when heated - but not overheated!), and enjoy.
Try this Ayurvedic superfood sauté today! 

Hanuman Karha-Spiced Ayurvedic Superfood Sauté

Sauté* broccoli and cauliflower in a light pat of your favorite oil or vegan butter.
Turn veggies until cauliflower turns lightly yellow and broccoli is vividly green and crispy-tender.
Add chopped spinach and cook for ~1 min until softened
Sprinkle Hanuman Karha over the softened vegetables (1 tsp/cup of veggies).

Add salt and lemon juice to taste.

*Also works great for oven-roasting!

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