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Ayurvedic & Organic Tea Bags: Energizing (Caffeinated)

Ayurvedic & Organic Tea Bags: Energizing (Caffeinated)

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Here's why you'll love it

A meditative sip on the go! Contains caffeine. 10 servings.


10 eco-friendly, compostable tea bags

About the Blend

The balanced spices of the Energizing blend are meant to help fortify your body's immune system and circulation, providing both energy and calm when you need it most. In Ayurveda, this blend is suggested to balance the Pitta-Vata dosha. The Energizing Blend features Saffron and other premium spices.


Tea bags containing Organic Assam Tea and Ayurvedic & Organic Energizing Blend Karha: Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Javitri, Saffron, Tulsi, Amla

Brewing Instructions

To enjoy the deep flavors of the spices, let your chai bag steep for 5 full minutes. Enough time to ground yourself with deep breathing and practice patience!

When you're done with your chai, add more hot water to your tea bag and enjoy a second cup! Compost your tea bag when it is spent.
If you're making chai in milk, make sure the milk is HOT! Because we use sustainable materials in our tea bags and there's no metal, you can microwave the tea bag with milk. Just be careful about boiling liquids and heat. *you can ice your chai if you like, but boiling it first will help bring out the flavors.

Milk contains fats and proteins that naturally mellow the flavors of spices. If you notice that the flavor of your tea isn't as strong as you'd like, don't worry! Add another tea bag and enjoy.


Keep cool, dark, and dry until use. We recommend storage in an airtight container.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Laura Lucas
So good!

I drink this every day, delicious!


I've been starting my mornings off with this tea since I got it and I am in love! It's the smoothest tea I've ever had and the caffeine level is perfect.

Danielle phillips

aromatic and soothing to my throat. great tea for an evening drink. relaxing me before i go to bed.

Steve Collen
Great for travel!

I took these with me in a baggie during a backpacking trip. I just added hot water and it was perfect (I don't add milk or sugar). I enjoyed them every day!

tracey smith
Not enough tea bags

Love this tea very much. The flavor is incredible however there’s only 10 tea bags. I will buy more.