Cooling - Karha Spices (No Caffeine), 25 servings

Cooling - Karha Spices (No Caffeine), 25 servings

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Organic Karha: Loose. Herbal. Caffeine Free.

Thousands of years ago, Yogis (learned practitioners of yoga in its spiritual, mental and physical forms) endured the elements using blends of balanced herbs and spices called Karha. Ayurvedic Karha builds internal strength and energy. It is pure and natural. 100% CAFFEINE FREE. Drink it slowly. It is meditative, calming & healing. It is great for adults and kids. Enjoy every moment and challenge the boundaries.

About the blend:

The balanced spices of the Cooling blend are great for Summer, cooling your body even if you drink it hot. This blend calms overflowing energy and power; cooling and balancing the fire within. In Ayurveda, this blend is suggested to balance the Pitta dosha. The Cooling Blend features Cardamom and other premium spices.

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Customer Reviews

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Ashwini P.
details details

The packaging is thoughtful, the design is beautiful. The company has a great eye for detail and purposeful intentionality. This is what sets them apart from other chais out there!

Kara M.
The best coffee substitute!

Let me tell you about hanuman chai! I LOVE coffee but it was giving me headaches so I needed an alternative. Everything I tried tasted bland and watery. So when I first heard about this chai that was non-caffeinated, I was very skeptical. When my package arrived, I tried it right away and the results were incredible. My drowsiness disappeared and my busy mom life felt like a breeze. No caffeine but I barely miss it. Hanuman Chai is delicious!

Trent L.
Expensive, but really nice

Expensive, but really nice

Amber R.
Incredibly tasting and healing products!

Incredibly tasting and healing products! Impeccable service. Run by wonderful humans.

Carrie L.
alllll the spices

they never skimp on the amount of spices they put in (unlike most other brands). Highly recommend!