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Spring for Pitta

Pitta dosha is one of the three body constitutions in Ayurveda. Pitta is fiery, ambitious, and driven. When in excess or imbalance, pitta-dominant individuals can be aggressive, rigid, or overly hot. We generally recommend our Cooling blend, which features organic Cardamom and several additional organic spices hand-milled to balance this energy, for individuals with a predominantly Pitta constitution.  Pitta's light, sharp, and hot nature is generally calmed by the heavy, gentle, and cool qualities of the spring. But pitta’s liquid qualities can be aggravated by the abundance of moisture, and as the spring season progresses, increasing heat can also disturb pitta. For pitta-predominant types, moisture and warmth will be the most important spring characteristics to balance. Here are some recommendations for supporting your constitution in...

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Kapha energy in springtime

Step out of the sluggishness and spring into happiness. Spring Kapha excess.  Ayurveda is based on three primary doshas, or constitutions, and the seasons can alter the balance of our predominant dosha energy. In early spring, people naturally tend to feel excess Kapha energy- and the fatigue that goes with it. So what do we do?  Ayurveda suggests keeping a regular sleep/wake schedule, adding in some daily movements (Yoga, walking, playing with a pet - anything that gets you moving a bit!), and consuming invigorating foods.  

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